Miguel Asíns Arbó: Música y cinematrografía. Análisis músico-visual de sus composiciones en la filmografia de Luis García Berlanga.

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The present work claims a twofold aim: to examine the paradigmatic figure of a musician of his time and also to study in depth one of Asíns most original and personal lines of production, the music he composed for director Luis García Berlangas films. The thesis has been structured into four different sections. In the first one Asíns Arbó and his context, his character is placed from a sociological and cultural point of view. The different stages of Francos 40-year regime serve as a guideline to study Asíns musical and later score compositions. The Music of Asíns Arbó tries to help catalogue his work by empirically analysing the musical features of several of his most representative compositions and thus to define from this the characteristics of his musical language. In Asíns Arbó and his music compositions for films Spanish film making under Francos dictatorship is studied and it is reviewed the figure of the most important scorers, real self-educated master leaders, who paved the way for a Spanish film industry, which rose from the ashes steadily after the Spanish Civil war. After analysing the musical precedents with which Asíns Arbó was provided, the work continues showing his career as a composer of music for the cinema, since he worked for and with directors such as José Antonio Nieves Conde or José María Forqué, highlighting here the special figure of Marco Ferreri. Luis García Berlanga and Miguel Asíns Arbó, the fourth and last section in this thesis, studies the filmmaker, the former, and also the musical compositions the latter created for his films.
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