Clavo gamma: indicaciones, resultados y complicaciones

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The gamma nail has been used as osteosynthesis for the treatment of 50 proximal fractures of femur, 28 of which (56%) were considered unstable. Regarding to consolidation, there was one only failure with breaking of the implant (2%). The remaining patients achieved healing, two of them requiring a second intervention in order to activate the fracture focus through withdrawal of the distal blocking screws. These good results contrast with the complications that appeared during intervention and inmediate postoperatory period: intraoperatory diaphyseal fissure (8%), intraoperatory diaphyseal fracture (4%), problems with setting of distal blocking screws (6%) and postoperatory diaphyseal fractures below the nail (4%). The gamma nail has its indication for proximal unstable fractures of femur, as long as a rigorous surgical technique is practiced, thus minimizing the risks of complications.
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Carbayo Marturet, A.J. ; Martínez Mariscal, J. ; Repáraz Padrós, Jesús ; Rebollo Álvarez, E. ; Muñoa Arribillaga, J.. Clavo gamma: indicaciones, resultados y complicaciones. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 1997, Volumen 32, Número 188: 49-56