Modelización y resolución de problemas de optimización en economía

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Repro-Express S.L.
Mathematical programming is the part of the mathematics relating with the choice of the best alternative among all the possible ones. The present text tries to be a tool to facilitate a suitable mathematical formulation to every economic problem of optimization, as well as to use as a guide to interpret correctly the results that could be obtained through the computer. The problems in this text are fundamentally of mathematical programming, that is, they are static, deterministic problems, with only one decisor and only one objective function. We notice that the reader should not expect to find in these pages anything relating to methods of empirical behavior of the economic models; crucial tools in the process of formulation of economic models. The explanation of these subjects remains reserved for other areas of knowledge as Statistics or Econometrics.
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Ventura, M.; Meneu, R. y Pérez-Salamero, J.M. (2000). Modelización y Resolución de Problemas de Optimización en Economía. Repro-Express S.L. Valencia.