Evaluación de un Proyecto de aula en Formación Profesional

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Our contribution is inserted into an approach of Dialogic teaching methodology and participatory understanding of evaluation practices from a perspective of inclusive culture that regards the process of teaching and learning from the reflection in action. This creates learning environments where the role of the teacher favours autonomy, creativity and confidence, adapting to the different contexts and rhythm of learning of students. The objectives of the project were achieved in designing evaluation tools and involving students in its evaluation process promoting honest, responsible and tolerant attitudes. Results/conclusions, students interpret what has been done and recognizes achievements creating a self-confidence and at the same time, motivation for performing complex tasks.
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Fabregat Pitarch, Antonio Gallardo Fernández, Isabel María 2017 Evaluación de un Proyecto de aula en Formación Profesional Revista Galego-Portuguesa de Psicoloxia e Educación Extra 10 90 97