Análisis de la percepción de marca y su relación con el rendimiento percibido en servicios deportivos: comparación entre público y privado

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Brand perception is a key element for business success, how we are perceived by current and potential users will determine what they will think about us, their willingness and ultimately whether they will perceive the service with higher quality or value, if they will be more loyal or if they will recommend it in a positive way. In this doctoral thesis a study has been carried out to try to understand better the perception of the brand and the relation that could have with the fundamental variables for management, specifically analyzing the opinions of users of a public sports service and a private one . This information can be an aid to managers, because if they know which variables influence others and to what extent they do, they can carry out actions that bring them closer to the objectives they want more effectively and with less need for resources. The instrument is a questionnaire formed from the bibliography and adapted for the case of sports services, due to the fact that studies of this aspect in the sports field are practically nonexistent. This questionnaire consists of a total of 11 dimensions, followed by a section in which the sociodemographic aspects were collected, on the basis of which comparisons have been made in the different variables. Subsequently, three models have been proposed: a model in which the brand variables are related, another in which the service variables are related and, thirdly, a joint model. Finally, an invariance analysis has been performed in both the brand model and the service performance model, in order to know if ownership has a moderating effect, and trying to find out whether or not that influence exists, to be able to affirm that both models are suitable to carry out measurements in both public and private services.
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