Use and Evaluation of Controlled Languages in Industrial Environments and Feasibility Study for the Implementation of Machine Translation

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This research is part of the doctoral studies program "La traducción y la sociedad del conocimiento" at the University of Valencia. In particular the area of ​​research is translation technology, terminology and localisation. In this sense, this dissertation arises from the need to establish a research methodology and to provide empirical results on the development, implementation and evaluation of controlled languages ​​in the technical documentation and its effect on both original texts and the translations of these documents. Thus, the aim has been to develop a methodology to assess the impact of controlled languages ​​in the production of technical documentation in industrial contexts, and more specifically in the technical documentation for the vehicle. The impact has resulted in improved automatic translatability, a concept we have discussed at length in Chapter 4, as well as in the quality of the target texts.
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