La Resistenza, entre memoria y revisionismo

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The Resistance is, without doubt, a relevant moment of the Italian history of the 20th century. But, although it has been told in many literary works and essays, there are a lot of details and stories that are still not very well known by common readers. Above all, an increasing number of works written by journalists and historians have appeared during these last years, offering a vision of the movement quite far from the traditional one. Our scope in this article is to give a proper focus of some aspects not very well known of partisan fight as well as the debate produced in the confrontation of some different perspectives.
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Vellini, Massimiliano. La Resistenza, entre memoria y revisionismo. En: Zibaldone. Estudios italianos de La Torre del Virrey, 2013, Vol. 1, no. 2: 35-44