Nucleotomía percutánea automatizada: experiencia en 425 casos

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Our experience using automated percutaneous nucleotomy for treatment for herniated disc is presented. A total of 42 5 patientes, aged between 18 and 58 years and operated from June 88 to December 1992, has been included. Patients were clinically assessed at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months after surgery. Satisfactory results were found in 71% of cases. As for complications, there was only a case of discitis. In 29% of patients, the outcome was poor. An important group of failures were due to bad selection of patients regadings psychological profile.
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Saenz López de Rueda, F. ; Luna Sanchez, C. ; Contreras Joya, M. ; Lopez Vizcaya, F. ; Moreno Artes, A. ; Garcia Arrabal, Mª A.. Nucleotomía percutánea automatizada: experiencia en 425 casos. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 1993, Volumen 28, Número 168: 323-326