The Claretian Community: The Exit Profile of Students at the Claret School of Barcelona

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This paper provides an analysis of the exit profile of a student who completes their studies at the Claret School of Barcelona, a primary and secondary educational institution belonging to the Claretian Community in Spain. The Claret School of Barcelona is a center that is partially funded by the government, however, all students must pay tuition. The final two grades at the school, that is the baccalaureate years, are private and receive no public funding. During a five-year period (2014-2019), a group of teachers from both the primary and secondary schools, along with the management team and external psycho-pedagogical advisors with expertise in educational innovation, undertook a project to identify the values that are taught and developed during the course of a student's compulsory educational career at the Claret School of Barcelona. To verify that the values identified by the faculty complied with the students' reality, a questionnaire to survey students' perceptions regarding the 14 ideal characteristics of a Claret student upon the completion of their studies was designed and validated, obtaining a CVI (content validity index) of 0.77. Completed by a total of 312 students, the results confirmed the importance of 12 of these characteristics, while two received rather low results when compared to the average score (66.04%). The characteristic which scored the lowest score was the question regarding the religious dimension of the student (question 10).
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Soler Campo, Sandra Saneleuterio, Elia 2022 The Claretian Community: The Exit Profile of Students at the Claret School of Barcelona Journal of Research on Christian Education 31 2 138 168