La competencia textual y mediática en el aula de ELE

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The ability to understand and produce texts is one of the basic competences in the information and communication society (OECD, 2000). However, the concept text has evolved beyond the traditional conception of written text. In order to overcome this gap, a new competence, the textual and medial competence is proposed. The purpose of this communication is to reflect on the importance of this new competence and to provide the teaching staff with tools in the treatment of the textual competence in the classroom. For this we present a bidimensional model of textual and medial competence: the one that students must acquire and the didactic textual competence that teachers must have. Keywords: text, textual and medial competence, task design.
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Ulloa Saceda, Marta ; Tesch, Bernd. La competencia textual y mediática en el aula de ELE. En: Foro de profesores de E/LE, 13 2017: 9-