Farmacocinética de la vancomicina en administración intraperitoneal en pacientes sometidos a diálisis peritoneal contínua ambulatoria.

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This report presents a clinical study of prospective study with patients, whose aims are: 1. To validate an analytical technique to determine vancomycin in both serum and peritoneal liquid forms. 2. To design a compartmental model which describes the behaviour of vancomycin after its intraperitoneally administration to patients undergoing CAPD with peritonitis and calculate the pharmacokinetics parameters which define this model. 3. To analyse the relation of the pharmacokinetics parameters with the antropometric and biological parameters of the patients. 4. To simplify this model so that it permits the pharmacokinetic analysis of the vancomycin in these patients in clinical practice. 5.To establish a protocol of treatment and monitoring of vancomycin after the intraperitoneally administration in patients undergoing a DPCA with peritonitis. In a first cohort a pharmacokinetic model will be developed, describing the evolution of the serum and peritoneal concentrations concentrations of the antibiotic, in which we notice the fact that the administration and the elimination happen in different compartments. Subsequently, this model will be adapted to another more simple one which permits monitoring the vancomycin administered via intraperitoneally in clinical practice.
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