Documentació i Metodologia Científica. Grau Farmácia

What is usually called "scientific method" is a set of theoretical and experimental practices varied . Their characteristics vary over time and space , as well as through the various disciplines and specialties of science. Even within a single scientific discipline , there are diverse views about the most appropriate procedures to produce new knowledge sufficiently . Therefore the expression " scientific method " is used to refer to the diverse set of strategies , procedures, reasoning , experimental , observational methods , etc., followed by the people working in science for his research , which are developed in a variety of positions (observatories, laboratories, geological sites, hospitals, industries, etc.) , often with the aid of scientific instruments of very different characteristics . And all this in the context of particular societies and cultures very variable influencing the development of scientific activity over time In parallel to the development and large dimensions that modern science has gained throughout the twentieth century, a range of scientific instruments have been developed to record and provide rapid access to accurate information. Also, the great expansion that has seen the Internet as a form of communication and dissemination of information is made available to researchers and users a lot of sources of information, irrespective of spatial boundaries and intermediaries so it is essential from the area of education to introduce students to the knowledge and use of these tools and resources in order to be able to develop the necessary skills to locate, evaluate and manage information need or that may be of interest to the exercise of their professional activities and research . The aim of the course is to provide basic concepts and schemes to address these issues , including through the analysis of different particular cases (seminars). First, we discuss various issues of particular methods of biomedicine , especially those related to pharmacy, as animal testing or clinical trials.
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