El camp periodístic i els professionals de la informació al País Valencià. Anàlisi de l'estructura comunicativa i de les argumentacions dels periodistes sobre el periodisme

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The main interest in this research lies in studying the field of journalism in its current state and the changes seen in recent decades, using empirical information such as an analysis of the opinions and reasons given by information professionals about the field and an analysis of the communication structure. The study is based on the theories from the main schools of thought about communication and the media, in order to apply them to one specific context: the Valencian Country. The choice of professionals has been made within this context, and the study on the structure includes data on this autonomous region, on Spain and on Europe so as to compare them. The two lines of research in terms of the methodological bases are: 1. The theoretical contribution from the field of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu and reflexive sociology in order to understand the objective relations between the agents and the communication structure. 2. The application of argumentative analysis (Pragma-Dialectical Approach) to understand the thoughts and opinions of information professionals about the quality of journalism.
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