Ejes temáticos al servicio del storytelling personal del candidato político

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The rise of personalization and privatization in politics, added to politicians? discrediting and troubles to catch the attention of the elector in an attention economy context, has led to the emergence of new communication strategies that combine renewal of background and shape. They have enabled the development of innovative content and techniques in the eld of political and electoral communication. Along these lines, personal attributes of the candidates have become a new framing to be explored and exploited by the teams of these politicians. Thus, in this research it was analyzed the political speech included in 400 videos of 23 Galician candidates who, after leading an electoral list in local elections, have reached municipal representation in one of the seven most populated cities of this community. A mixed methodology of content analysis and survey was applied to study the topics that most frequently show these politicians in their most played YouTube videos. Then, it has been asked to some professionals what are the most appropriate subjects. So, it has been addressed an emerging trend in the Spanish electoral context pioneering from the perspective of the message and its production. The predominant role given to the candidate?s career and to his family, both presented as a resource in speech and often with an active intervention in the scenes of the video in order to activate the emotions of the addressee, stand out among the results. 
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Vázquez Sande, Pablo. Ejes temáticos al servicio del storytelling personal del candidato político. En: Dígitos: Revista de Comunicación Digital, 2 3 2017: 37-56