Anàlisi de l?especificitat morfològica i semàntica de la neologia andorrana

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The study of neology is not only important from a metalinguistic point of view, but also from the perspective of language planning, because monitoring the lexical creation allows for new lexicographic and terminological proposals. Taking into account the singularity of Andorra within the Catalan language domain, in terms of demography and geography but also regarding politics and culture, the language can have lexicographic and terminological needs that are different from other territories. This work analyzes the patterns in morphology and formation processes of the Andorran neology, comparing them with the rest of the language domain. Furthermore, the Andorran specific neologisms (so-called hapax legomena) have been classified and analyzed semantically, which has led to the observation that specific lexical creation is determined by the social, cultural, political, and economic environment of Andorra.
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Muñoz, Rafael ; Bastida Serra, Carolina. Anàlisi de l?especificitat morfològica i semàntica de la neologia andorrana. En: Caplletra: revista internacional de filología, 66 2019: 85-112