El saludo a los poetas crepusculares

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Angelo "Nino" Oxilia (Turin, 1889 - Monte Tomba, 1917) was a poet, playwright and film director. After passing through the Faculty of Letters of the University of Turin, where he only attended the first two years, he focused on journalism, collaborating since 1907, among others, in the Gazzetta di Torino and later in Il momento. In 1909 he published his first collection of poems, Canti brevi, and began to be interested in cinema, a facet in which his collaborations with Sandro Camasio, with titles such as La zingara, Addio giovinezza! or Cose dell'altro mondo. When the Great War broke out, he left voluntarily, playing a notable  role as a documentary filmmaker. He insisted and reached the front line as an artillery lieutenant, finding death at age 28. In 1918 the collection of poems Gli orti was published posthumously. Every November 18, the tombstone placed in his memory on Garibaldi Street in Turin is adorned with flowers and washed with white wine by students of the University.
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Oxilia, Nino. El saludo a los poetas crepusculares. En: Zibaldone. Estudios italianos, 7 1-2 2019: 229-245