Venezolanos y aporofobia: oportunidad ética para el periodismo

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Adela Cortina introduced the term aporophobia in the public arena in order to offer another perspective in the discussion on the struggle against poverty and inequality. In this paper, we are aiming to apply this Cortina’s thesis in journalism, whose common thread will be the exodus of Venezuelans. Appealing to critical hermeneutics as a philosophical method, we understand journalism as a profession capable of transforming social reality. In order for journalism to gain social legitimacy and not be perceived as a mere business or metric competition, it is urgent to understand it not from the functional-communicative point of view, but committed to human dignity, as a basis to generate opportunities for freedom.
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Suárez-Montoya, Leonardo. Venezolanos y aporofobia: oportunidad ética para el periodismo. Revista Ethos Venezolana, Vol. 12 No. 1 Enero-Junio 2020 13 – 37pp.