El llegat de les donzelles. Reflexions sobre l'estructura del sistema vocàlic valencià

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The most striking difference between the Catalan and the Spanish vowel systems is the fact that Catalan distinguishes two more vowels in stressed position, including, in addition to the Spanish vowels /i, e, a, o, u/, the two mid-open vowels /ɛ/ and /ɔ/. Besides having a larger set of segments in stressed syllables, Catalan varieties display other features that suggest the same global configuration of the system. Focusing on Valencian data, we show that, in unstressed position, this variety regards all the open vowels as a class, so that the low vowel /a/ is realized as a closer vowel as well, similarly to what happens in Eastern Catalan. In stressed position, on the other hand, we detect a tendency to prefer mid-open vowels to mid-close vowels, emphasizing thus the stressed syllables, already prominent by definition, with a prominent feature - the openness of the vowel.
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Jiménez, Jesús (2019): «El llegat de les donzelles: Reflexions sobre l'estructura del sistema vocàlic valencià». Dins Escartí, Vicent J. (ed.) Nunc dimittis. Estudis dedicats al professor Antoni Ferrando. València: Publicacions de la Universitat de València, 277-293.