Manual de Pràctiques Integrades de Mètodes (en Bioquímica)

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This "Manual of Integrated Practices of Methods" describes the materials, and procedures necessary for the realization of experiments using various techniques of biochemistry. It corresponds to a subject of a Degree in Biotechnology, but it would also serve for Degrees in Biology and Biochemistry. This Document is organized in two parts. The first part describes experiences on different applications of spectroscopic analytical techniques from a biochemistry laboratory. The second part includes experiences leading to the obtaining, analysis and characterization of a biological component (a protein) in the same way that it is done in a biochemical research laboratory. The manual, in separate sections of the descriptions of the procedures, includes the explanations necessary to interpret and process the experimental results obtained as well as a series of questions that serve as a kind of self-evaluation.
El document forma part dels materials docents programats mitjançant l'ajut del Servei de Política Lingüística de la Universitat de València
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Sendra Pérez, R. (2014). Manual de Pràctiques Integrades de Mètodes (en Bioquímica).