Reclutamiento y reclutas en la ciudad de Valencia (1717-1762)

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This research aims to analyze recruitment by quintas, Spanish word for recruitment levies by lot, in the city of Valencia and the townships included in its jurisdictional area. The analyzed period began in 1717 with the first levie decreted by king Philip V once the War of Spanish Succession was over. Applied this levie in the kingdom of Valencia, this was the first application of levies by lot. The closing year for the reported period up to 1762, whith the last levy made by king Charles III before the establishment of the annual periodicity for the recruitment process. Procedures with which human contingents claimed to the city of Valencia between the mentioned dates were organized and distributed, has been studied too; also, their development, the authorities that carried them out and, necessarily, there has been an approach to the recruited men, sometimes even identifying them individually.
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Cumplido Muñoz, José Ramón. Reclutamiento y reclutas en la ciudad de Valencia (1717-1762). En: Estudis: Revista de historia moderna, 45 2019: 365-383