El problema de la autoridad en la cultura (profecía, interpretación, ficción)

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This paper addresses the issue of the crisis or vanishing of authority in contemporary culture in the particular form of the problem of legitimacy in the use of language. What grounds can speakers find in order to justify their claim to be listened to? I point out that, since this problem has been examined for quite some time in the area of Biblical studies, we could improve our understanding of the current situation by means of an interdisciplinary dialogue. From this perspective, I consider claims to authority under three headings: prophecy, or the individual authority of the speaker; interpretation, or authority derived from a written source; fiction, or renouncing authority; and show that there is a degree of convergence in the direction of an anti-foundationalist stance. KEYWORDS: Bible; Culture. Authority; Legitimacy; Prophecy; Interpretation; Fiction; Anti-foundationalism.
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Galván Moreno, Luis. El problema de la autoridad en la cultura (profecía, interpretación, ficción). En: Imago: revista de emblemática y cultura visual, 11 2019: 67-83