La exposición de arte desde la transferencia del conocimiento artístico

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This work addresses the exhibition of art in the key of transfer of artistic knowledge. The hypothesis refers to whether a scientific character is possible for the art exhibition, where the main purpose is to know how this transfer would be articulated in an art exhibition. For this, a method of comparative study of cases is adopted, with a sample of two international cases of art exhibition, in which a qualitative analysis of contents of the exhibition is carried out, according to the variable of the internal information devices in the room and the contents of these. The cases of the sample are: the exhibition Itinerarios del vertigo by Sandra Silva, at the Art Museum of Pereira, in Pereira (Colombia), in 2015, and the exhibition of Concrete Invention.Collection of Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, at the National Museum Center of Art "Reina Sofía", in Madrid (Spain), in 2013. In the results, three different types of content are found (artistic criticism, research methodology and primary sources), according to a total of six internal information devices in room. The conclusions provide contributions for two types of transfer of artistic knowledge in art exhibition, according to the transfer of the artistic project and the transfer of the historical-artistic context. Keywords: art, museology, exhibition, transfer of knowledge, art research.
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Tirado, Ana. La exposición de arte desde la transferencia del conocimiento artístico. En: Educación artística: revista de investigación (EARI), 10 2019: 168-183