Metastatic tumors to the jaws : A report of eight new cases

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Purpose: The purpose of the article is to present 8 new cases of metastatic tumors occurring in the jawbones, their clinical features , diagnostic workup and management. Patients and methods: The records of 8 patients with metastatic jaw lesions were reviewd. Demographic data, presenting symptoms, primary tumor site, radiographic findings, bone scintigraphy , histopathology and clinical management were analyzed. Results: The patients , ranged in age from 44 to 80 years, with a mean of 64.5 years. The primary malignant sites were: the lung , the breast , the rectum, the thyroid, the uterus and the parotid gland . The mandible was the site of oral involvement in seven cases and the maxilla in one. There was no gender difference with respect to the oral site affected. The clinical jaw presentations were: exophytic soft tissue mass, paresthesia of the lower lip and a periapical lesion The provided treatment protocols were: chemotherapy , radiotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy and supportive care only. In one case the jaw lesion was the first indication of an unknown malignancy at a distant primary site. Conclusions: Metastatic jaw lesions are uncommon. Paresthesia of the lower lip and the chin is a sinister sign for patients with a metastatic jaw lesion. In view of these cases it can be said that meticulous work-up of of jaw lesions suspected of being metastatic, may be life saving or extend the patient?s survival period.
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Bodner, Lipa ; Sion Vardy, Netta ; Geffen, David B. ; Nash, Michael. Metastatic tumors to the jaws : A report of eight new cases. En: Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal. Ed. inglesa, 11 2 2006: 8-