La biologia marina a l'àmbit educatiu: la tasca docent i divulgativa de les associacions d'estudiants

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As a crucial part for establishing the Xarxa d'intercanvi de Materials Educatius Transuniversitària (XiMET), the Second Conference on the Teaching of Biology was held on Saturday April 20 2013, at the Auditorio Joan Plaça of the Botanical Garden (University of Valencia). Our teaching group at the University of Valencia, in collaboration with the Catalan Biology Society , organized the conference with the aim of facilitating the exchange of experiences between high school and university teachers to propose new tools for the teaching of biology . Thanks to the organization of the workshop we were able to bring together those responsible for the teaching of biology in different centers , both in Catalonia and the Valencian Community , bringing their experiences in the form of oral communications . Thus, we have the presentation of different classroom activities by teachers of the Department of Ecology at the University of Valencia ( R. Ortells ) or the Guadalaviar College in Valencia ( B. Garrido and M. Barcia ) , and field trips throughout the region Tona ( I Sirerol - School IVEP ) or practical bioinformatics by C. Giménez ( San Gabriel C. , Vilamoura ). Throughout the day the speakers introduced the activities of various associations and groups (eg BioBlau or bio UVAT * Educational Services) and the availability of Web resources for the use of school teachers, including materials prepared by ZooBot ( ) or Ximet ( . We also had time to discuss technical aspects of teaching biology through the lectures of P. Martinez ( UAM , Madrid ) and F.J. Aznar (Dept. Zoology , UV) . Finally , we enjoyed a full update on the issues that should be included in a biology program in high school by Dr . Luis Serra.
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