Va de dona. Un estudio de memoria oral sobre las actuales jugadoras de pilota valenciana

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The following proposal aims to present the preliminary results of a socio-anthropological research with a gender perspective on a traditional Valencian sport. The subject of the study is situated in the field of the Valencian pilota [Valencian handball], a sport with an important social and cultural root-ing in the Valencian territory [Spain]. Specifically, in the phenomenon that sup-poses the increasing presence of women in this sport, traditionally masculin-ized. The main objective of the research is to analyze the current situation of female participation, taking into account contextual, socio-historical and bio-graphical factors. We ask ourselves about those causes that have favored its incorporation, as well as those that prevent or hinder it. In addition to compiling the sports itineraries of the players and their perceptions. The qualitative methodology has been chosen. Thus, interview is the main technique to obtain testimonies of the players and we also consider participant observation to develop an ethnography of the studied phenomenon. The study it’s based on twenty interviews. Through these, current athletes narrate their experiences, sensations, gender perceptions or claims. As well as the relationship between sport, health and quality of life. To complement the testimonies of the players, women with other profiles have been interviewed to provide complementary information to the investigation, such as from the journalistic, cultural, political or management spheres. Alike, some pilotaris currently are highly valued athletes, they have broken the invisibility of women in trinquets [Pilota courts], in a context where progress is being made towards a possible professionalization.
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Paricio de Castro, H., & Agulló Calatayud, V. (2021). Va de dona. Un estudio de memoria oral sobre las actuales jugadoras de pilota valenciana. Revista Española De Educación Física Y Deportes, (434), 3–10.