NO-DO: entre el desfile militar y la foto de familia

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The official news reel of the Franco's Spain era, NO-DO present two types of news that reveal a split in the documentary, especially in its early years. On the one hand, those which refer to past eventws of the regime, memories of civil war and actuallity World War II. On the other hard, miscellaneous stories and curiosities of an exotic alnd flokloric tono. It is precisely these last news that reveal by their tone, their attitude toward representation and their ideological vagueness what we might call an 'involuntary testimony' of an era. The present study is drawn from an exhaustive analys8s of the production between 1943 and 1944.
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Sánchez-Biosca, Vicente Rodríguez Tranche, Rafael 1993 NO-DO: entre el desfile militar y la foto de familia Archivos de la Filmoteca. Valencia. Filmoteca de la Generalitat Valenciana 15 40 53