Las actividades de imagen y el funcionamiento de la atenuación en correos electrónicos del ámbito empresarial: un estudio contrastivo de los estilos comunicativos de brasileños y españoles

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This thesis investigates and determines sociopragmatic differences and similarities in how face-work and attenuation are set up in e-mails in Spanish and Brazilian companies. The two general objectives of this research consist of: i) preparing a specialized and representative linguistic corpus of e-mails from the business environment in Portuguese and Spanish and ii) verifying the influence of certain enunciative, structural and situational variables in the manifestation of the face-work and attenuation used in the said corpus. First, we have reviewed some studies about the business discourse, specifically about e-mail and its representative features. Likewise, we have established the theoretical axes of linguistic analysis: the concepts of politeness, face, face-work, and attenuation, as well as the theoretical- methodological proposal and the necessary tools to carry out the research, trying to reinforce the relevance of all these issues for the business environment. Our results indicate that interaction characteristics in the Spanish and Brazilian groups are mediated by business context and e-mails. In this sense, we have observed, on the one hand, that attenuation is a frequent rhetorical activity in business e-mails and, on the other, that the linguistic tactics and functions of attenuation follow, in general, the same trend and pattern in practically all factors of analysis investigated. It is toned down to prevent a possible threat to participants' faces in the interaction and for self-protection. Concern for one's face is as important as preventing threats to the face of others in corporate e-mails.
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