Perfiles innovadores en la agricultura valenciana

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Farmers are the main actors of innovation in the agricultural sector. This study focuses on the socio-economic profile of the Valencian farmer and his/her attitude towards innovation. Adopting a position inclined to innovate depends on multiple factors that influence bussiness management. This paper uses data from a farmers' survey, which was designed ad hoc for the research, that considers the socioeconomic factors that make farmers take a position favorable to innovation. Later, the study focuses on a typical profile of innovative producers, according to their characteristics, taking into account market orientation, learning orienta- tion and innovative attitude. The results show a positive contribution of level of education and location in urban areas (access to knowledge and services) to the innovative attitude.
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García Álvarez-Coque, José María Pérez Ledo, Pau Santarremigia Casañ, Eva 2014 Perfiles innovadores en la agricultura valenciana Cuadernos de Estudios Agroalimentarios 6 153 169