Gaceta internacional de ciencias forenses. 2019. No. 33

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    Síndrome de Delirium Agitado. El transcurrir de un mal moderno
    (2019) Jerez, Gabriel Omar
    From 2 cases of suspicion of Excited Delirium Syndrome (SDA in spanish), with clearly differentiated interventions, a review and update of concepts related to death in deprived of freedom and diagnosis, pathophysiology and prevention are made of SDA, emphasizing hyperdopaminergy, sudden death, hyperthermia, rhabdomyolysis as well as reduction methods applied to victims in the jurisdiction where the work is performed. As a result of the investigation, the training of the police forces is proposed in order to detect, as far as possible, the presence of the syndrome, establishing the premise that is facing a victim of drug use or maniac disorder, requiring urgent medical care.
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    Importancia de los servicios técnico-científicos que brinda el Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses de Guatemala
    (2019) Álvarez Samayoa, Gladis Verónica Azucena
    The objective of this paper is to analyze the different services offered by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences of Guatemala, considering that it is a recently created institution, which arose from the imperative need to order the provision of services and the issuance of opinions scientific technician. From 2006 to date, services have been innovating according to technological progress and are grouped into three ranks: a) forensic medicine; b) psychiatry and forensic psychology and; c) crime laboratories. Concurrently, the decentralization of services to provide national coverage is essential in Guatemala, as well as the urgent training and education of competent personnel and the equipping of these laboratories with appliances facilities, with the aim of contributing to the proper administration of justice.
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    Los cianuros como veneno en la toxicología forense
    (2019) Pérez Sanz, Ricardo
    This paper rewiew about cyanides pretends to show its roll in our society from the beginning to present time. It inquires on its chemical appearence and stand out its importance in mankind History. Also, it is described both chemicals and forensic techniques to figure out up to date ?in vivo? and ?in vitro? key aspects, its importance in forensics like as a poison, not only punitive fact, but accidental one, proving that prominence at social and industrial, even household, environments of today. Finally, we´ll describe the cyanide´s toxic procedures in the organism and the biochemicals protection which it posseses, in the presence of its toxic effects.
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    Abordaje del Traumatismo Craneoencefálico en patología forense
    (2019) Damián Sousa, Leandro
    This research was conducted with the purpose of accrediting the Specialization in Legal Medicine. The objective was to identify the main types of injuries produced in skull traumas in motor vehicle traffic accidents, differentiating them by etiologies and their pathophysiology, according to journals recognized by the Scientific Community, determining in each case if they could be prevented by the use of a helmet protective. A review of the literature of documents of scientific societies dedicated to forensic medicine, as well as systematic reviews and scientific studies, was carried out.