TS nova : trabajo social y servicios sociales. No 9

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    ¿Cómo nos afecta la reforma del Gobierno en los Ayuntamientos?
    (2014) Martínez Martínez, Lucía; Uceda i Maza, Francesc Xavier
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    Celebración del Día Internacional del Trabajo Social
    (2014) Sánchez Endrina, Inés
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    La mediación: nuevos paradigmas de política criminal
    (2014) Ríos Martín, Julián Carlos
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    Les associacions en els òrgans municipals de Participació Ciutadana de Burjassot
    (2014) Arias i Cortina, Lluna
    This article attempts to present some of the results obtained throughout the study entitled “The perception of civil participation and its ability to influence local government: the case of Burjassot”, which is the Final Course Work for the Master in Management and Promotion of Local Development. This piece of research was carried out by applying quantitative techniques (documentary and statistical analysis) and qualitative methods (interviews, panel of experts). We specifically focus here on collecting the results involving the role played by partnerships at Burjassot’s Municipal Bodies for Civil Participation. We analyze their participation, the representativeness contributed to the Municipal Civil Participation Council by them, we offer suggestions for improvement received from persons interviewed and point out the virtues and dangers of representative participation as well as strategies for reducing the latter. In short, an attempt is made to both improve the participatory process in Burjassot as in many other places which chose a similar model.
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    Estudio del problema social en el Hospital La Fe de Valencia desde la Unidad de Trabajo Social Hospitalario: recursos
    (2014) Fuster Ribera, Raquel; Guillem Navarro, Margarita
    Objectives: This research examines resources used by the Social Worker Unit of La Fe University Hospital in Valencia, valuing whether they are appropriate to solve the problems detected, as well as the delay and the patients’ satisfaction at the University Hospital La Fe de Valencia. The most-highly demanded resources managed by the Social Worker Hospital Unit are the social ones (handicap, dependence, Home Help Service, and Social Service), followed by the health ones (hospital and additional health services). 87.6% of the resources are considered appropriate to solve the problems brought up. 76.5% are satisfied or pleased. 67.5% of the patients that get their discharge go home.
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    Serveis i recursos socials per a dones: la resposta institucional de la Comunitat Valenciana
    (2014) Moriana Mateo, Gabriela
    This article summarises Valencia’s current institutional response for women, above all those suffering processes of social exclusion and violence. Some of the most important regional services and resources are the General Social Services (which include economic benefits such as emergency aid or the Guaranteed Citizens’ Income), services providing information and advice such as (the Infodona Centre or a hotline of legal advice for women) and specific resources and social services (+Life program, 24 Hour Women’s Centres and protection centres ranging from emergency shelters to sheltered housing). This article will provide relevant data on these services and resources obtained through reports from the respective centres and other sources of documentation.
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    Imagen social de la prostitución en los medios de comunicación escritos en la ciudad de Valencia: análisis del diario Las Provincias
    (2014) Guardiola Cano, Ángela
    This article is the result of a piece of research based on analysing the content of “Las Provincias” as a written medium, in order to understand and analyse the social image conveyed by the printed media about prostitution in Valencia. The image conveyed by ideologically conservative written media like the newspaper Las Provincias will be crucial in forming public opinion, a fact that will favour the production, reproduction and perpetuation of stereotypes about the practice of prostitution.
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    Dels meus pares mane jo: estudi qualitatiu sobre violència filio-parental
    (2014) Navarro Máñez, Andrea
    The increase in filio-parental violence over the last few years is reflected in the number of complaints regarding the data provided by government agencies and media, because of the increase in society’s interest for this issue. This study deals with the influence of different parental educational styles on the origin and continuity of these behaviours, through interviews with professionals from the social field and discussion groups with parents and children.