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    Obtención de marcadores moleculares para la identificación de variedades de naranjas navel
    (2018) Fernández Carrillo, Juan; Ibáñez González, Victoria; Talón Cubillo, Manuel; Facultat de Ciències Biològiques
    Most of the varieties of sweet orange cultivated nowadays come from spontaneous mutations of a maternal variety. This phenomenon determines that the derived varieties are quasi-clones of the maternal variety, which leads to a difficulty for the traditional varietal identification based on morphological characters. One way to improve this kind of varietal identification is complementing it with a varietal identification based on the application of molecular markers. This work consists of the utilization of genomic tools developed by the public-private consortium Citruseq-Citrusgenn at the Genomics Center of IVIA (Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research) for obtaining molecular markers that allow the unambiguous identification of the varietal group of navel sweet oranges. To achieve this, firstly, a comparative exploration of the genomic sequences of different varieties was carried out for the detection in silico of structural genomic variations. Subsequently, molecular markers were validated using real-time PCR and Sanger sequencing.