Caplletra : Revista Internacional de Filologia. 1995. No. 18

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    Problemes de fraseologia i fraseografia catalanes
    (1995) Morvay, Károly
    The goal of this paper is to analyze the treatment of phraseological units (idioms) in current Catalan lexicography, including bilingual dictionaries (Catalan / Italian, German, Portuguese, etc.) and focusing on questions of Catalan-Hungarian lexicographical work.
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    Metàfora i fraseologia en el discurs costumista : Santiago Rusiñol i Marià Vayreda
    (1995) Meseguer, Lluís; Garí, Joan
    Catalan costumisme (literary genre of local customs and manners) is an attempt, historically delimited, to understand life and its agents from ancient, archetypal patterns. Phraseology and metaphors exemplify the literary manisfestations of costumisme. In this framework, novels by Rusiñol and Vayreda are studied.
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    Fraseologia de l'encara i processos de gramaticalizació
    (1995) Pérez Saldanya, Manuel; Salvador Liern, Vicent
    The main aim of this paper is the study of the processes of grammaticalization involved in the evolution of Catalan concessive encara que from the root (time/aspect) meaning of encara. In the framework provided by the studies of grammaticalization (Traugott, Hopper, etc.), we consider mechanisms of emerging metaphor, strengthening of informativeness, scalar operators, increasing subjectification, and grammaticizacion of discourse strategies, on the basis of the contraexpectative implications of encara. Other usages of encara and some idioms including this word are also considered in the scope of this kind of processes.
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    Una caracterització cognitiva de les preguntes confirmatòries: (question tags)
    (1995) Cuenca Ordiñana, Maria Josep; Castellà i Lidon, Josep Maria
    This paper is an attempt to provide a cognitive approach to question tags, as grammatical constructions that show different syntactic forms. We propose an account based on the following points: (i) definition of question tags, (ii) contrastive analysis of the structures in several languages (Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, English and German), (iii) pragmatic approach to question tags, (iv) syntactic approach, and (v) study of question tags as grammatical constructions. Our main claim is that the various forms that they show in the languages considered are closely related, and that they evidenciate some of the three definitory characteristics of the construction, namely, its mixed modality between assertion and interrogation, on the one hand, and halfway between affirmation and negation, on the other, its relationship with the truth value of the proposition it follows and finally its subjective character, which is connected with the manifestation of the opinions and discoursive attitudes of the speaker
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    Fraseologia i discurs narratiu : anàlisi d'alguns casos en la novel.lística contemporània
    (1995) Piquer Vidal, Adolf
    Phraseology provides many resources in the construction of narratives: marking the story progress, settling registers, etc. This paper deals mainly with examples taken from contemporary Catalan novel.
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    D'un complex d'inferioritat proverbial
    (1995) Conca Martínez, Maria; Guia, Josep
    This is is a paper about the history of Catalan proverbs borrowed by Spanish tradition and lost in modern Catalan. The authors give the real origin of such proverbs and stress the sociolinguistic relevance of this «oblivion», as a kind of inferiority complex, to the present-day consciousness of the Catalan speech community.
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    Especialització i reinterpretació en les expressions idiomàtiques
    (1995) Geeraerts, Dirk
    It can be shown that the semantic specialization of idioms is a matter of degree, and that semantic interpretation is not just a question of bottom-up compositionality or literal-to-figurative transfer: the reinterpretation processes that can be observed in idioms point to the existence of top-down and figurative-to-literal interpretatio
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    Metonímia i metàfora des d'una perspectiva cognitiva
    (1995) Hilferty, Joseph
    The author presents some principles of Cognitive Linguistics useful in dealing with metonymy and metaphor as semantic resources in relation to idioms and proverbs. Beyond their interest for studies of Literature and Linguistics, these resources show how the human mind works.
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    De la fraseologia a la lingüística aplicada
    (1995) Salvador Liern, Vicent
    This paper focuses on the fuzzy concept of phraseology and correlated notions (from interjections and true idioms to proverbs or aphorisms), as viewed from the viewpoint of Cognitive Linguistic and Discourse Analysis. Grammatical constructions, processes of grammaticalization, and discourse functions of lexical phrases are basic tools to deal with the field of idiomaticity, sociolinguistically relevant and indispensable in the framework of Applied Linguistics for tasks such as translations or language teaching.