Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 2008, vol. 43, no. 235

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    Fractura por fatiga atípica de la cabeza femoral sobre deslizamiento epifisario crónico
    (2008) Escribá Urios, I; Puertes Almenar, L.; Arnau, Rosana; Gomar Sancho, Francisco
    We present a case report of a young patient with a displaced stress fracture, which fracture pattern is placed over the old femoral head growth plate (femoral head physis). The x-ray showed a clear image of a stress fracture, possibly on a sequel of chronic slipped capital femoral epiphysis. The contralateral hip was normal and a delayed closure of physis due to hypothyroidism was ruled out. Due to the fracture displacement and the evolution time it was treated with uncemented total hip arthroplasty. The anatomopathologic study showed characteristics of stress fracture and femoral neck necrosis. The postoperatory result was excellent and the patient returned to work.
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    Luxación pura de tobillo
    (2008) Navarrete Faubel, Francisco Enrique
    This paper reports on a 32-year-old patient with closed luxation of the ankle. Management consisted of inmediate reduction and inmovilization in a short leg cast. A week later we applied a cat boot that we removed at the fifth week and, 2 months later, mobility and load were complete. Effort activities could be made at the 3.5 months. Closed luxations can be treated orthopedicaly with immobilization during 5-6 weeks. The load can begin progressively at the sixth week. These luxations have good functional results and a low rate of complications.