Turismo de interior en España. Productos y dinámicas territoriales

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Tourism in inland areas has proved to be an asset for enhancing the natural and socio-cultural resources of the territory. This book shows how endogenous development initiatives, linked to new tourism products, are dynamising inland areas in Spain. The study incorporates an updated and expanded vision of the dynamics that are taking place in inland territories and how tourism can contribute to the revitalisation of these spaces. This is made concrete in 12 cases of the Spanish territory which, based on innovative tourism products, show the capacity to enhance the cultural, heritage and natural resources of the territory. In each of the areas, the presence of a specific tourism product that can contribute to local development is identified and allows the evolution of the territory to be identified.
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Cànoves, G.; Blanco-Romero, A.; Prat, J.M.; Villarino, M. (eds.). (2017). Turismo de interior en España. Productos y dinámicas territoriales. Desarrollo Territorial, 19. Publicacions de la Universitat de València