Nuevos factores de desarrollo territorial

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The analysis of the new components that influence the generation and location of economic activity and territorial development (the new factors of territorial development or NFDT) is fundamental to better understand their role and relevance in reducing or consolidating the disadvantage that peripheral territories show in relation to economic centres. The main difference between NFDTs and traditional economic activity location factors is that their existence and "quality" are related to social and cultural factors that are part of the particular idiosyncrasy of a territory, and are therefore not easily transferable to other territories. The implications of a better understanding of these factors can be decisive in increasing the effectiveness and relevance of future regional development policies.
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Noguera Tur, Joan y Esparcia Pérez, Javier (eds.) (2008). Nuevos factores de desarrollo territorial. Desarrollo Territorial, 5. Publicacions de la Universitat de València