Una experiencia artística con tierra, barro y cerámica

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What is ceramics? What does it teach us about us? Is it present In our nearby environment and endows it witch identity? What interest can you offer us in the primary school? What fields of artistic expression can you favour? These are some of the questions and reflections raised that motivated this exercise and we try to find out. The third-party students of the Magisterium perform two utilitarian ceramic pieces of different method of forming and finishing, reflecting on artistic education, creation and ceramics own processes. To make them, a complete ceramic process has been completed; staring from previous sketches witch a graphic base of botch shape and textures or motifs, with special emphasis on the basic traces of drawing in childhood, its assimilation and translation into volume (which offer an enormous amount of resources and possibilities), the modelling in red clay in plastic mass, the application of engobes of an elementary range of colours, the essential cooking and its metamorphic transformation. It is pretend, with this exercise, to develop artistic expression through materials and techniques of our history, as well as perception and collective and individual aesthetic sensibility, always from a university context with a focus on primary education and a student in the midst of the development of knowledge focused on exploration, experimentation and creation. Keywords: art, ceramics, clay, art education, culture, infancy
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Balanzà, Ricard. Una experiencia artística con tierra, barro y cerámica. En: Educación artística: revista de investigación (EARI), 11 2020: 25-36