Adherencia al tratamiento de los cuidadores de niños con TEA o riesgo de desarrollar el trastorno durante la atención temprana

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The study focuses on the adherence to treatment of the family of the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or suspected diagnosis. This is because the ASD and as a consequence, its impact on the family after confirming the diagnosis. It is suggested as the first symptom presented by the family, stress and difficulties, acceptance and adaptation to diagnosis resulting in an interference in the quality of life of all members of the family. In our opinion, adherence is a positive and facilitating process because it solves or alleviates the traumatic situation, through the promotion of information and the appropriate means to help parents improve family adaptation and the development of the child. Due to this condition, our research aims to know the adherence to the treatment of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or suspicion of this diagnosis, identifying the elements that justify the adhesion process. From that identification, develop a scale of measurement for its study. To this end, adherence is evaluated with the application of a survey in a group of 128 parents of children with ASD and with suspected diagnosis, considering as variables: social, economic, family and individual factors. The results show the importance of the relationship of these factors with adherence in the adaptation to ASD stories such as: social support, satisfaction with life and family cohesion.
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