Datos sobre las tiledas ibéricas ("Tilio-Acerion" Klika 1955)

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Data are reported on linden groves from the Iberian Peninsula. Three plant communities are accepted in the phytosociological alliance Tilio-Acerion: Hedero-Tilietum platyphylli (Pyrenees), Helleboro occidentalis-Tilietum platiphylli (Cantabrian Mountain Range) y Ononido aragonensis-Tilietum platyphylli (Iberian Mountain Range). Two new subassociations are accepted in Hedero-Tilietum: the typical or fraxinetosum excelsioris (Eastern Pyrenees, silicicolous, with species-rich layers), and festucetosum gautieri (Pre-Pyrenees, calcicolous, with less-diverse layers). The new name Ononido aragonensis-Tilietum platyphylli is proposed to replace ¿Taxo baccatae-Tilietum platyphylli¿ Pitarch 2002, which is illegitimate according to the International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature (ICPN). All plant communities are characterized from floristic, ecological, bioclimatic and biogeographic points of view, and also conservation features are discussed.
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Crespo Villalba, Manuel Benito ; Pitarch, R. ; Laguna Lumbreras, Emilio. Datos sobre las tiledas ibéricas ("Tilio-Acerion" Klika 1955). En: Flora Montiberica, 2008, No. 39: 3-13