Interfacial fracture toughness of universal adhesive systems treated with an antioxidant

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Background: Secondary caries, degradation of the dentin-resin interface and fracture of the restoration are the most common forms of failure. The aim of this study was to assess the interfacial fracture toughness of three different adhesive approaches and to compare their fracture toughness after surface treatment with antioxidant. Material and Methods: Seventy two dentin blocks with 3×4mm dimension and 3mm thickness were prepared and attached to precured 3×4×12mm composite blocks from both sides. Six adhesive groups (N=12), All-bond universal, Scotchbond universal and Clearfil SE bond with or without antioxidant treatment (Sodium Ascorbate 10% )were applied to dentin surfaces, a 160? polyethylene paper formed the chevron in adhesive-dentin interfaces. Chevron-notched beam fracture toughness was measured following a modified ISO 24370 standard. The uniform composite-dentin-composite block was subjected to a 4-point test in universal machine. Data were analyzed by Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon signed-rank and Mann-Whitney tests (? =0.05). Results: Different adhesive approaches yielded different significant in fracture toughness rates. A significant increase of fracture toughness was observed between adhesive groups after antioxidant surface treatment. The difference in fracture toughness between Scotchbond universal and All-bond universal were significant. Conclusions: The highest value of fracture toughness was reported for Clearfil SE bond and the lowest value was found for All-bond universal. Sodium ascorbate as antioxidant surface treatment had a significant effect in increasing the fracture toughness.
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Samimi, Pouran ; Nazem, Reihaneh ; Shirban, Farinaz ; Khoroushi, Maryam. Interfacial fracture toughness of universal adhesive systems treated with an antioxidant. En: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, 10 6 2018: 528-536