Accessory submaxillary gland : two new case reports and a literature review

The accessory submaxillary gland is a very uncommon anatomical variant, and incidence in the general population has not yet been quantified. The presence of pathology in these glands is rarer still, thus often going unnoticed. We describe two accessory submaxillary gland cases, one asymptomatic and the other with chronic sialadenitis in the main and accessory gland caused by sialolithiasis. Although our diagnosis was by computerized tomography, magnetic resonance sialography is helpful to understand and describe this entity with greater precision. The first case report is an incidental finding and no intervention was required. However, case report number two had clinical symptoms and required a first intervention in which the main submaxillary gland was resected, and a second intervention in which the accessory submaxillary gland was removed. Both patients are asymptomatic to date. Awareness of the possible presence of accessory submaxillary glands and of potential variations of the excretory ducts is useful in diagnosis, as well as leading to more precise treatment for salivary pathology, and allowing surgeons to avoid complications or injuries during surgery.
Bibliographic reference
Torres-Gaya, Jorge ; Marqués Mateo, Mariano ; Dualde Beltrán, Delfina ; Sada-Malumbres, Álvaro ; García-San Segundo, María del Mar ; Puche Torres, M.. Accessory submaxillary gland : two new case reports and a literature review. En: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, 12 9 2020: 892-895