La memoria digital del mundo: los historiadores y el archivo = The digital memory of the world: The historians and the archive

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This essay explores the role and influence that archives has exerted and exerts on the historiographical practices. With this in mind, this study tries to show, on the one hand, what the dematerialization of the sources and the archive means, with some of its implications. On the other hand, it emphasizes the difficulty that historians have (in some cases) in perceiving and (in others) in assuming that transformation. In short, it seeks to reflect on the fact that the archive, in the traditional sense in which we understood it, has been shaken, seeing its importance eroded and its role as monopoly of memory, of the past, questioned.
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Pons, Anaclet (2018). La memoria digital del mundo: los historiadores y el archivo. En: Tábula, n. 21, pp. 23-38