DIP DECO 23-24 Unit 12 The peaceful settlement of conflicts in International Law

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1. International disputes and their settlement by peaceful means.(a) The notion of dispute. (b) The obligation of peaceful settlement.(c) The freedom to choose the means of settlement (d) The types of means of settlement.2. The means of political settlement.(a) Diplomatic negotiations.(b) Good offices.(c) Mediation.(c) Investigation.(d) Conciliation e) Recourse to regional bodies or agreements3. Peaceful settlement of disputes by the United Nations (a) The role of the Security Council. (b) The role of the General Assembly. (c) The Role of the Secretary General 4. The jurisdictional settlement of international disputes: general aspects. (a) International arbitration.i. Origins and evolution. ii. Characteristics. iii. Operation. (b) The international judicial settlement: The International Court of Justice. i. Organization. ii. Litigation function. iii. Advisory function. (c) Other international tribunals.
Unit 12 de la asignatura Public International Law, curso académico 23-24. Revisados por el Servei de Política Lingüística-Premios Sapiña curso 23-24.
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TORRES PÉREZ, M. (2023), Unit 12. The peaceful settlement of conflicts in International Law, curso académico 23-24, Powerpoint, 38 págs.