Violência, evasão e exclusão na educação superior

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The present text focuses on a relationship between higher education, institutional and symbolic violence and exclusion, practicing as a challenge based on reflections on the existence of evasion in Brazilian university. Ignoring the educational institution as a direct responsible for these things, this text considers that a logic in University organization and operation helps to enlarge inequalities that provide the mechanisms of evasion; at the same time, it presents itself as a space of reference and a struggle against social inequalities and violence. On a provisional basis, the text stands out that: depending on the execution of educational procedures and practices undertaken by the institution and its representatives, the university may outgrow and reproduce inequalities; It may become a space of conflict between exclusion and violence, or the balance between those two movements, depending on the result of tug of war between antagonistic groups. Set up as an exploratory study and a qualitative approach, this text is based on theoretical, academic and documentary sources to discuss the subject, with no precise conclusion.
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Da Trindade Prestes, Emília Maria ; Jezine, Edineide ; Veloso Castelo, Uyguaciara. Violência, evasão e exclusão na educação superior. En: Arxius de sociologia, 41 2019: 65-76