El canto llano en la liturgia del monasterio de San Miguel de los Reyes a través de los cantorales conservados en la Catedral de Valencia

THE PLAINSONG IN THE LITURGY OF THE MONASTERY OF SAN MIGUEL DE LOS REYES THROUGH THE CHOIR BOOKS PRESERVED IN THE CATHEDRAL OF VALENCIA. Given the need to recover the musical productions preserved in the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes of Valencia, this paper is structured under a clear mission: to investigate both the codicological aspects of the lectern books that takes shape in its cataloguing, and the analysis of the musical aspects that necessarily accompany the liturgy. This cataloguing takes as a starting point the last inventory made in 1900 by Mr Joaquín Navarro Tarazona, canon and singing director in the Cathedral of Valencia. It also takes into account the “Index of Services and Masses included in the choral books”. Due to the Spanish Civil War, they were moved to the Patriarca. Once the Civil War was over, the Archive of scores and the choral books came back to the Cathedral. The comparison of all the indexes includes the choir books that belonged to San Miguel de los Reyes and how many of the choir books that arrived at the Cathedral after the Confiscation are missing. For the catalog of the 62 choir books and the loose fascicles belonging to the Hieronymite monastery of Valencia, we have started with a cataloguing card of musical manuscript, elaborated by Antonio Andrés Ferrandis, canon organist of the Cathedral of Valencia, as well as other proposals of cataloguing, elaborating as well a new card that would suit the needs of these choir books. The later musical study gives us an idea of how the liturgy was sung both in the Order of St. Jerome and in the monastery, also Hieronymite, of San Miguel de los Reyes in Valencia. In the present work we also want to respond to the need of publicizing a largely unknown heritage that mainly belongs to the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries, being a representative sample of Hieronymite liturgical music of one of its monasteries in Valencia. Keywords Musicology, archive, research, cultural heritage, cataloguing.
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