Los españoles: ¿así somos o así nos ven? LARA

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In this task we will work Spanish stereotypes from a communicative point of view. Here, the use of ICTs is very important because we are going to use them at communicative competence as much as production of texts. In addition, real resources as personal experiences from foreign people living in Spain are integrated together in this task with jokes and humor. To manage the information, we will use mind maps, a resource which not only develop creativity but it is also very attractive for learners. With these activities we pretend not only develop communicative competence of learners, but also sociocultural and intercultural competence, as well as we will approach the learners to the Spanish cultural reality through stereotypes that will be refuted.
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García Ferrando, Lara ; Rubio Navarro, María Isabel. Los españoles: ¿así somos o así nos ven? LARA. En: Foro de profesores de E/LE, 10 2014: 89-95