Multinucleon transfer reactions in closed-shell nuclei

Multinucleon transfer reactions in 40Ca+96Zr and 90Zr+208Pb have been measured at energies close to the Coulomb barrier in a high resolution gamma-particle coincidence experiment. The large solid angle magnetic spectrometer PRISMA coupled to the CLARA gamma-array has been employed. Trajectory reconstruction has been applied for the complete identification of transfer products. Mass and charge yields, total kinetic energy losses, gamma transitions of the binary reaction partners, and comparison of data with semiclassical calculations are reported. Specific transitions in 95Zr populated in one particle transfer channels are discussed in terms of particle-phonon couplings. The gamma decays from states in 42Ca in the excitation energy region expected from pairing vibrations are also observed.
Bibliographic reference
Szilner, S. Ur, Calin A. Corradi, L. De Angelis, G. Fioretto, E. Gadea Raga, Andrés Montagnoli, G. Della Vedova, F. Farnea, E. Valiente Dobón, J. J. 2007 Multinucleon transfer reactions in closed-shell nuclei Physical Review C 76 2 024604