Situación profesional de las personas que trabajan en funciones de actividad física y deporte en la Comunidad Autónoma Valenciana (2004).

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This doctoral thesis tries to know the current labour and professional market of the graduates of the physical activity and of the sport in the Valenciana Community. In her(it) there are described the different labour functions of physical activity and sport developed, the situation associate demographic, labour and formative of the persons who realize the above mentioned functions as well as the interaction between(among) both aspects. Also one determines the different profiles of the different qualifications of the physical activity and of the sport and of not graduates. The used methodology is descriptive of quantitative cut, in that there is realized individual, oral interview standardized by means of questionnaire to 600 persons who are employed at functions of physical activity and deport for the whole territory. The most representative results, between (among) others, determine that the functions are different and diversified and that a panorama exists with a high temporality, precariousness and labour instability. Besides it is found that there is a high percentage of not qualified persons (between (among) 40 % and 58 % depending on the criterion) and who great of the qualified ones realize functions for those who are not qualified according to his (her, your) formation - qualifications.
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