Alterations of panoramic radiomorphometric indices in children and adolescents with beta-thalassemia major:a fractal analysis study

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Beta-thalassemia major is an inherited disorder that can cause bone deformity and loss of bone mineral density. The objective of this study is to evaluate the cortical and trabecular mandibular bone morphology of children and adolescents who have beta-thalassemia major (ß-TM) using a fractal dimension (FD) analysis and different panoramic radiomorphometric indices with digital panoramic radiographic images (DPRIs). The study included 80 patients (with 40 patients each of ß-TM and control). The mandibular cortical width (MCW), panoramic mandibular index (PMI), mandibular cortical index (MCI), and simple visual estimation (SVE) were evaluated, and an FD analysis of five regions of interest (ROIs) (ROI 1: in basal cortical bone; ROI 2: in premolar region; ROI 3: in molar region; ROI 4: in angulus mandible and ROI 5: in condyle region) was obtained in all DPRIs. Quantitative variables were analyzed using the student?s t-test , Kruskal?Wallis and Mann-Whitney U tests. When the ß-TM groups were compared with controls, there were no statistically significant differences found in the mean FD values, the ROIs of the trabecular bone, or the SVE. There was a significant correlation in the mean MCW, PMI, ROI of cortical bone (ROI 1), and MCI between ß-TM and control groups (p < 0.001, p < 0.001, p = 0.047, and p = 0.046, respectively). The mean MCW values correlated with the SVE in both the ß-TM and control groups (p = 0.031 and p < 0.001, respectively). While the mean MCW values correlated with the MCI (p = 0.04) in the control group, the mean MCW values were not correlated with the MCI (p = 0.493) in ß-TM group. The current study revealed lower MCW and PMI values in the ß-TM group. While the mean FD values of trabecular bone is similar to the control groups, the mean FD value is lower in cortical bone in the ß-TM group. MCW, PMI, FD of cortical bone and MCI may be key indicators in individuals with beta-thalassemia major.
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Yagmur, B., Tercanli-Alkis, H., Tayfun-Kupesiz, F., Karayilmaz, H., & Kupesiz, OA. (2022). Alterations of panoramic radiomorphometric indices in children and adolescents with beta-thalassemia major: A fractal analysis study. En Medicina Oral Patología Oral y Cirugia Bucal (pp. e10-e17). Medicina Oral, S.L.