Zirconia implant abutments : a review

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Objectives: An increasing aesthetic demand within developed populations conducted to the fabrication of metalfree restorations and to a wide use of ceramic materials, due to its excellent characteristics of biocompatibility and aesthetics. With the incessant increase of commercial labels involved in this technological advance, a review is imposed on ceramic abutments, specifically on zirconia. We made a search of articles of peer-reviewed Journals in PubMed/ Medline, crossing the terms ?Dental Abutments?, ?Dental Porcelain? and ?Zirconia?. The review was divided by subtopics: zirconia physical and mechanical properties, precision fit in the implant-abutment interface, zirconia abutments strength and, finally, bacterial adherence and tissues response. Several studies demonstrate that zirconia abutments offer good results at all the levels but relevant issues need further studies and evaluation. One of the most important is the clinical long term success of zirconia abutments on implants, given that in the literature there are no sufficient in vivo studies that prove it.
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Gomes, Ana Luisa ; Montero Martín, Javier. Zirconia implant abutments : a review. En: Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal. Ed. inglesa, 16 1 2011: 12-