Nuclear effects in neutrino induced reactions

We discuss the relevance of nuclear medium effects in the analysis of some low and medium energy neutrino reactions of current interest. In particular, we study the Quasi-Elastic(QE)process, where RPA correlations and Final State Interactions (FSI) are shown to play a crucial role. We have also investigated the V induced coherent pion production. We find a strong reduction of the cross section due to the distortion of the pion wave function and the modification of the production mechanisms in the nucleus. The sensitivity of the results to the axial N Delta coupling C-5(A)(0) has been also investigated.
Bibliographic reference
Vicente Vacas, Manuel José Alvárez Ruso, Luis Geng, Li Sheng Nieves Pamplona, Juan Miguel Valverde Hermosilla, Manuel Hirenzaki, Satoru 2008 Nuclear effects in neutrino induced reactions Modern Physics Letters A 23 27-30 2321 2324